Save and Invest
for the rainy days

We help you create, nurture and monitor a healthy saving habit by helping you reach that financial target whether you're a student, an employee or a business owner.

Earn 10% - 20% interests on savings.

Earn over 25% returns on investments.

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Savings amount ₦5000

No of months 20

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Flexible saving channels

You do not have to be computer savvy to start saving digitally . With us, you get to save via offline channels (Save agents, save with bank) and online channels (instant save using your debit card). You can also link your bank account and set a fixed amount to be automatically deducted at specific time intervals.

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User Friendly Interface

Our feature rich user dashboard provides simple and straight forward
insight about your saving culture. See your total savings, monitor
your goals, add and remove your bank account for auto saving and a
whole lot more. We keep evolving to give you the best saving
experience that really works.

Features That Will Tailor Your Experience


We use PCI compliant payment processor to ensure that your savings and data are always safe.

Strict savings

Cash withdrawals before the expiry date attracts a 5% fine

Instant savings

Save any amount anytime and anywhere with our "Save online" option using your debit card

Save online/offline

Not too comfortable with using your debit card online? Save with bank or any of our agents.


Automatically save a fixed amount daily, weekly or monthly tll you've reached your target.


We don't just watch you save, we support your hustle to save with up to 8% annual interest.


Keep saving even after your plan expires. You don't necessarily need to withdraw your savings


Maintain the habit of saving by receiving daily or weekly email/sms reminder to save as at when due

24/7 support

Our lines are always open to provide you with as much assistance as you may require anytime, anyday.

Savings Queen of the Month



It has been an amazing journey with F&K, I must say. Once upon a time, all I knew was to save in banks, got a lot of unreasonable deductions. F&K got me super enlightened, It curbed wasteful spending

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is F&K Savings all about?
F&K savings is a Personal Digital Finance management platform that helps you plan your finances effectively and efficiently, while also helping you make better life decisions through consistent savings and Investment.
To save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly) towards a specific financial goal or target (Rents, school fees, special events etc) or invest loose funds for a specified period of time and earn competitive interest while also avoiding the temptation to spend.
F&K savings takes away the temptation to spend excessively as you can choose different flexible savings and investment plan(s) and also the stress of saving. We combine simplicity, convenience; discipline and flexibility to enable you grow your savings and manage your finances with absolute ease and confidence so you can achieve financial freedom.
  1. Download our app from google play store or visit
  2. Create your free account with your username, phone number and password.
  3. Log in
  4. Pick or create a plan(s).
  5. Save your first amount (N 200 and above). You can save automatically using your credit or debit card (ATM CARD) or manually using our bank and agent option nationwide.
    Note: Our agents are only located in tertiary institutions.
  6. Complete your profile.
F&K Savings will automatically use your debit card (Atm Card) to save the funds you set to be saved based on your specific auto save instructions (For Only Customers that link their debit card).
Everyone can and should save(College students, Students of Higher Institution,the Working Class, Postgraduate Students, Business owners, and the General Public).
We offer several savings plan depending on how long in months you wish to save. Thus, our savings plan ranges from 1 to 12months and an unlimited plan for those who which to save without being bound by time.
You can save from N200 and above at anytime. Meaning you can save any amount at anytime as long as it’s N200 and above.
You have the opportunity of saving as many times as possible in a day even if its 100 times a day. Therefore you can save N1,000 right now and decide to save N5,000 in 2 hours time.
You can also use the “QUICKSAVE” option in your dashboard to add funds to your F&K Savings account at anytime.